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Revolutionising Science and Engineering Talent Discovery

"The science community often favours established figures, leaving emerging talent without support or resources - just when they need it most."

Tom Hurd, Co-Founder & CEO

In a world where talent discovery can be subjective and biased, Zeki provides a data-led solution to simplify and bring equity to the process. With our novel technology, we map millions of scientists worldwide to enable those who invest in research to discover the most promising minds.

Science talent is the driving force behind ground-breaking solutions that tackle the world's most pressing challenges, from climate change to pandemics. At Zeki, we bridge the gap between those seeking to identify talent and ideas to fund, and the scientists, and companies searching for investment or their next impactful role.

Our ambitions have been put to the test. We achieved proof of concept in September 2022 through a joint project with the now UK Department for Science Innovation and Technology. This project used Zeki’s analysis to map trends in global talent working in Quantum-related areas of science.

Learn more about our data-led approach and emerging AI safety talent.

How are we different?

Unlike traditional talent discovery methods that rely on metrics like publications or grants, we consider each individual as a whole. We recognise that talent comes in many forms - some may be entrepreneurs who are actively working to find novel solutions, while others may have fewer grants or publications but possess immense untapped potential. With our technology, we can identify multiple performance metrics to showcase the diverse and emerging talent that may have been overlooked.

To learn more about our approach, visit our how we do it page.

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Zeki Spiral pattern

Changing the talent discovery journey

The future of science talent discovery and investing needs shaking up to keep pace with the changing world. By creating greater equity in science and giving visibility to those funding research and development, we hope to do our bit to drive novel ideas from hypothesis to reality. From the rise of AI in our everyday lives, to combating climate change, science holds the key to change and opportunity.

Partner with us and gain a first mover advantage on rising stars, diversify your talent pipeline, find those with the best ideas and be assured that your funding and investment goes to the right place. We collaborate with universities, venture capital , and government agencies to connect them directly with the rising science talent they seek. Discover the power of Zeki and unlock a world of untapped potential.

New Report:
State of AI Talent 2024

Zeki reveals how and why top AI scientists and engineers are on the move globally. The report delivers data-led insights based on 140,000 top AI scientists and engineers worldwide— all of whom have advanced skills and expertise and most of whom are in the early stages of their career.

Within this Zeki dataset, we celebrate talent from 94 countries educated or working at 2,296 universities or employed by over 20,000 companies or organisations globally.

Zeki State of AI Talent 2024 Report cover web

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