Companies that attract more of the best innovators, create more intellectual property. Find them with our Discovery process.

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Zeki provides meticulously curated data on the world’s leading individual innovators, to enhance a company’s talent acquisition strategies to drive innovation.

Our peer-reviewed regression models demonstrate that companies that attract more high-calibre innovators experience significantly improved innovation outcomes within months. With Discovery, companies can easily identify and connect with these innovators.

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About Zeki and our data

Zeki uses machine learning and bespoke verification tools to match the right data to the right individual with a very high degree of accuracy.

Zeki has reviewed over 25,000 CVs to collect only the data that counts in evaluating the contribution of an individual to innovation. Zeki derives 20 metrics using an explainable proprietary scoring system built on measuring the innovation track record of an individual, their career positioning and the skills and reputation they are developing. The quality and uniformity of the data enables Zeki to forecast their future potential using proven, back-tested models.

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Zeki Horizons isn't just about fulfilling current talent needs; it's about safeguarding your future. Mitigate churn and secure your intellectual powerhouse with informed, data-driven strategies that align with your organisation’s goals.

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