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Future leaders in STEM and emerging science

Funders and investors spend trillions on research and development. They need greater assurance, visibility and diversity in their talent pipeline. Scientists and engineers want a level playing field that delivers faster, sustained support to convert the best ideas into real-world solutions. See who can benefit from Zeki’s approach to finding emerging science talent and leaders in STEM below.

  • Governments, national research institutions and universities

    Governments, national research institutions and universities are looking for more assurance and transparency that they are funding, retaining and attracting the best and most diverse scientific talent. It is their fundamental research that underpins national prosperity and increasingly ensures national security.

  • Technology companies, large and small

    Technology companies of all sizes, need tools to discover high value science and engineering talent globally to accelerate the innovation and digital transformation that is increasingly key to their competitive edge.

  • Deep tech venture capital

    Deep tech venture capital investments draw heavily on expertise and ideas coming out of over 1,500 universities globally. They need tools to improve due diligence on researchers they plan to invest in and to discover hidden talent. 

  • Professional services and consultancies

    Professional services and consultancies need new tools beyond survey work to describe the flow of talent globally in key sectors and help clients design successful talent acquisition strategies.

  • Global foundations

    The many thousands of international foundations which invest in scientific talent need to ensure they are investing in the talent of the future and meeting their philanthropic and fiduciary responsibilities around due diligence.

New Report:
State of AI Talent 2024

Zeki reveals how and why top AI scientists and engineers are on the move globally. The report delivers data-led insights based on 140,000 top AI scientists and engineers worldwide— all of whom have advanced skills and expertise and most of whom are in the early stages of their career.

Within this Zeki dataset, we celebrate talent from 94 countries educated or working at 2,296 universities or employed by over 20,000 companies or organisations globally.

Zeki State of AI Talent 2024 Report cover web

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