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How we do it

Discover the most promising global science talent with Zeki

Our goal at Zeki is to drive better science forward faster by innovating the science talent discovery journey. We take a data-led approach to build a global picture of science talent.

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Our unique methodology to finding the brightest, rising stars

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    Revealing skills, aptitude and progression

    Zeki is changing the landscape of science talent discovery. Our novel methodology enables those that invest in science to discover, engage and fund the most promising minds, creating a more diverse talent pipeline and accelerating the progress of human innovation. 

    Zeki reveals the skills, aptitude and progression of individual researchers, not just their academic record. By focusing on future potential, Zeki breaks with a 60-year tradition of relying on backward-looking citation methods.

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    Talent isn't a one size fits all solution

    Our unique methodology enables those that invest in science to find the exact talent with the knowledge and skills they need. We have identified specific behaviours and milestones that matter in science careers and paired these with open access data to form novel datasets. 

    This allows Zeki to offer a multi-dimensional portrait of an individual’s progress and potential. Investors and recruiters can dive into the details and draw out key skills that are valuable to them when finding talent. 

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    Investing in the future

    At Zeki, we believe in investing in the future. There are millions of scientists across the world, but only a small percentage have access to funding. A lot of this comes down to connections, location and the number of publications in their arsenal. Our approach gives greater visibility to those who are creating the future, beyond just the established players.

    By putting top-tier emerging scientists into the view of those investing and recruiting, we aim to drive better science forward, faster and pave the way for more diverse breakthroughs in key scientific disciplines. 

    By focusing on future potential, we enable clients to have a first-mover advantage on rising talent and be among the first to bring to reality novel ideas that challenge the world's most immediate, pressing problems.

New Report:
State of AI Talent 2024

Zeki reveals how and why top AI scientists and engineers are on the move globally. The report delivers data-led insights based on 140,000 top AI scientists and engineers worldwide— all of whom have advanced skills and expertise and most of whom are in the early stages of their career.

Within this Zeki dataset, we celebrate talent from 94 countries educated or working at 2,296 universities or employed by over 20,000 companies or organisations globally.

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Zeki intelligence products


Market Analytics. Actionable intelligence reports on global scientific talent in deep technology fields including Artificial Intelligence, Quantum, Engineering Biology, and Life Sciences.


Brand Positioning. Data-led evaluation of your organisation’s market position, including your reputation and capacity to recruit and maintain top scientific and engineering talent--- and how your talent compares to competitors.  


Talent Acquisition. Our talent dataset is singularly unique. Find pre-qualified talent to augment and diversify your talent pipeline. Streamline due diligence on job applicants. We analyse. You recruit.