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Gain the ability to see beyond borders and access unique insights into the dynamic hubs of AI talent. Tailored for visionaries who lead the tech industry, this is where data transforms into your strategic advantage.


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State of AI Talent 2024

Our report is a comprehensive 177-page report packed with actionable insights designed to give you a competitive edge in the fast-paced AI talent landscape. We delve into extensive analysis of AI talent trends, leveraging our proprietary dataset of 140,000 leading AI professionals from 94 countries, connected to 2,296 universities and more than 20,000 organisations worldwide.

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Women in AI 2024

This report shares precise, data-led insights which focus on where and how to find, attract, and retain top women in AI. Zeki’s goal is to bring transparency to this talent, particularly the top young emerging talent at the frontier of discovery and innovation.

Discover the global innovation ecosystem

Zeki Horizon offers an unparalleled lens into talent flows and the innovation ecosystem, providing HR professionals and tech executives with a comprehensive picture critical for strategic planning. Armed with actionable intelligence, you can lead talent acquisition and retention with precision, ensuring your organisation remains at the forefront of the AI talent race.

Key features

Macro trends analytics

Stay ahead by understanding large-scale movements and behavioural patterns in AI talent worldwide.

Market-segment insights

Acquire first-mover advantage with segmented analysis by region, sector, and industry. Execute strategies with confidence based on original, and unique insights.

Talent mobility trends

vigate the complex journey of retaining and attaining top talent and gain foresight into where the next big talent hub is emerging.

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Zeki’s unique AI datasets are made up of 12,000 companies, 3,000 universities, 100 governments and 90 countries

Zeki has 2.5 terabytes of open-access data, cleaned and matched using machine learning​. This enables us to share unique insights that unlock the unknowns so you can understand the movement of elite talents, make strategic choices that protect your intellectual property and drive innovation forward.

Gain comprehensive viewpoints

Harness the benefits of global insights to facilitate long-term HR and talent planning.

Unlock unique insights

Dive deeper into the innovation landscape with curated analytics tailored to the AI sector.

Stay ahead with actionable intelligence

Review macro trends and market analytics in tech talent to cultivate informed decisions and maintain a competitive edge.

For HR and Talent Pros:

Zeki Horizon isn't just about fulfilling current talent needs; it's about safeguarding your future. Mitigate churn and secure your intellectual powerhouse with informed, data-driven strategies that align with your organisation’s goals.

For Government & Researchers:

Deliver on national strategies with the depth of understanding Zeki Horizon offers. Our analytics tie directly into a nation’s blueprint for success, informing policies that attract, retain, and cultivate a thriving AI talent pool.

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It's time to transform knowledge into action. Zeki Horizon is dedicated to empowering your talent strategy with the most extensive and insightful AI analytics available today. Zeki can enrich your data with our unique datasets to recognise original trends just for you. Contact us today to find out more.

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Brand Positioning. Data-led evaluation of your organisation’s market position, including your reputation and capacity to recruit and maintain top scientific and engineering talent--- and how your talent compares to competitors.  


Talent Acquisition. Our talent dataset is singularly unique. Find pre-qualified talent to augment and diversify your talent pipeline. Streamline due diligence on job applicants. We analyse. You recruit.