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State of AI Talent 2024

The State of AI Talent report is packed with strategic insights to position you at the forefront of the dynamic AI talent market. It presents informed commentary on AI talent trends, drawing from our unique dataset of 140,000 top AI professionals across 94 countries.

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Women in AI 2024

This report shares precise, data-led insights which focus on where and how to find, attract, and retain top women in AI. Zeki’s goal is to bring transparency to this talent, particularly the top young emerging talent at the frontier of discovery and innovation.

AI Companies 2024

Zeki has established a quantitative link between the calibre of innovators a company employs and its future potential for valuable innovation. This report highlights the companies leading and lagging in the AI talent race, providing crucial insights into the competitive landscape.

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Become part of an informed elite crafting the future of the AI talent ecosystem. Download the State of AI Talent Report now and begin shaping your strategic talent frameworks with the edge only Zeki Horizons can provide.

Don’t just adapt to change — anticipate and lead it with Zeki Horizons.

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What we do

Innovation starts with human ideas

Zeki offers unique, curated data on the world’s top individual innovators, working at the frontier of the most transformative technologies of our generation such as AI, Quantum and Health tech.

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Zeki intelligence products


Talent Acquisition. Our innovators dataset is singularly unique. Run a talent discovery search process with our intelligence team to identify the best innovators for your talent pipeline. We discover. You recruit.


Human capital data and intelligence. Consume Zeki’s datasets to measure the value of an organisation’s innovative talent. We provide fast access to Zeki talent data at the company level through Snowflake marketplace, or deployed to preferred cloud environments.

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How we do it

Science and data are at the heart of what we do.

We have identified specific behaviours and milestones that matter in science careers. Pairing these with open access data to form novel datasets, Zeki has unique access to discovering the best in science. 

Our approach enables us to find the new generation of trailblazers at the edge of discovery. 

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How will Zeki be valuable to you?

Funders and investors spend trillions of dollars annually on research and development. They need greater assurance, visibility and diversity in the talent they hire.

Scientists want a level playing field that delivers reliable support enabling them to accelerate their ideas into real-world solutions.

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Zeki's story

The idea for Zeki came from a real-world problem. Founder, Tom Hurd needed to find the brightest minds to map a pandemic that shook the world, and fast. But discovering the science talent he needed was far from simple and diverse.

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