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Understand your market and secure top science and tech talent with strategic insights.

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In the fast-paced world of the tech industry, making informed decisions about talent management is the bedrock of progressive growth and innovation. Introducing Zeki Benchmark – the definitive benchmarking tool meticulously crafted for companies looking to not just compete, but lead.

Imagine having the capability to not only peer into your company's competitive stance in the science industry but also to empower your strategic decision-making with unparalleled data-driven intelligence. Zeki Benchmark offers you this power, merged seamlessly into a benchmarking product that redefines excellence in talent assessment and acquisition.

Precise science talent benchmarking

Discover where your talent ranks against the competition. Zeki Benchmark's meticulous market comparison tool is specifically designed to meet the high demands of the science sector. Monitor your organisation's progress and adjust your strategies with clarity and confidence.

Strategic competitor analysis software

Our software isn't just about understanding where you stand. It's about shaping where you'll lead. Dive deep into competitor landscapes and emerge with actionable insights that help you sustain and augment your scientific workforce, reassuring your role as an industry vanguard.

Insightful market positioning

Dashboards and data might inform, but insights inspire. Zeki Benchmark illuminates your path to unparalleled brand positioning. Custom reports inform your approach to talent retention and attraction, ensuring your strategies align with market realities.

For private sector, governments and institutions

Assess and grasp how your organisation measures up against key players in your field, and strategically plan your next move in talent acquisition. For those in government, view comprehensive performance data by country and contrast it with your benchmarks to shape policies that attract and foster world-class talent.

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The power of data

Harness the extensive reach of 2.5 terabytes of cleaned and machine-learning matched, open-access data. Visualise talent distributions across countries, organisations, and private and public sectors with unparalleled precision.

Comparative analysis across borders and brands

Zeki's expansive database allows you to compare and contrast the landscape of science talent in a global context. Evaluate organisational growth, assess the impact of funding, and navigate the international talent pool with ease.

Tailored insight for all

Whether it's for corporations seeking market share or governments and institutions pursuing progress, Zeki Benchmark provides targeted analytics. See how your company measures up to the ecosystem or benchmark country performance in a global setting.

Ready for transformational change?

Get in touch, and let Zeki Benchmark reveal the insights you need to elevate your organisation’s talent strategy. Don't just compete—dominate the market with data-driven confidence.

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Zeki intelligence products


Market Analytics. Actionable intelligence reports on global scientific talent in deep technology fields including Artificial Intelligence, Quantum, Engineering Biology, and Life Sciences.


Talent Acquisition. Our talent dataset is singularly unique. Find pre-qualified talent to augment and diversify your talent pipeline. Streamline due diligence on job applicants. We analyse. You recruit.

New Report:
State of AI Talent 2024

Zeki reveals how and why top AI scientists and engineers are on the move globally. The report delivers data-led insights based on 140,000 top AI scientists and engineers worldwide— all of whom have advanced skills and expertise and most of whom are in the early stages of their career.

Within this Zeki dataset, we celebrate talent from 94 countries educated or working at 2,296 universities or employed by over 20,000 companies or organisations globally.

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