Discover how the calibre of deep tech talent predicts the future innovation of AI-focused companies.

Building on our previous reports, The State of AI Talent 2024 and Women in AI 2024, the AI Companies 2024 Report demonstrates new ways to spot investment opportunities and risks by identifying and tracking the top AI talent with advanced skills in science and engineering. This comprehensive analysis spans from the Big Five (Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Microsoft) to major multinational banks and smaller firms.

Top innovators provide the greatest return on investment

This report introduces new methods for evaluating AI innovation to help investors assess opportunities and risks.

Zeki has quantifiably made the link between hiring great people and creating more IP. Our data regression modelling shows that companies, large and small, that attract more of the best innovators start creating more intellectual property.

Analysis is based on our AI-specific dataset of 160,000 individuals employed in over 40,000 companies across 94 countries who are at the forefront of AI science and engineering discovery, spanning 10 years (2014–2024).

Nvidia tops the charts in top AI talent in the semiconductor sector

Nvidia have become more prominent in AI over the last few years, culminating in overtaking Microsoft as the world’s most valuable company in June 2024. We can chart its rise in comparison to its rivals by looking at talent flows. From 2021 to 2023, speech and human action recognition have increased in importance. New areas of expertise, autonomous vehicles and quantum computing were also prioritised.

Discover which companies are winning and losing the AI top talent race.

Our data provides key insights into each company's innovative power, strategic pivots, and potential red flags where funding outpaces innovation.

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