Zeki holds the most accurate set of deep tech human capital intelligence data ever created. Leveraging our proprietary IP, we determine which deep tech companies should be more highly valued— ahead of the market.

Our comprehensive database encompasses over 700,000 leading scientists and engineers worldwide, across 50,000 companies. We leverage advanced technology to evaluate these professionals, offering signals into their performance, fields of expertise, and projected potential.

Why Zeki?

Zeki Data incorporates more than 8 terabytes of data. Our company data covers demographic, financial and innovation variables and has a global reach. Our novel approach involves an in-depth data evaluation process to reliably identify, match, and disambiguate every individual within Zeki’s datasets. By analysing over 150 data variables per individual, we develop precise, data-led insights that facilitate the development of the deep tech ecosystem.

These data points, developed by members of the intelligence community, are consolidated into comprehensive datasets that enable investors to find promising investment opportunities in frontier technology companies, and quantitatively assess the value and potential of their highly skilled talent.

What is Snowflake Marketplace?

Snowflake Marketplace gives its partners and customers the ability to find, try, and buy data, apps and AI products from some of the world’s leading companies to power innovative business solutions.

The benefits of accessing our data through Snowflake means the ability to:

  • Reduce integration costs, delays, and risks by eliminating the need for traditional ETL processes
  • Self-service trials and direct dataset access  
  • Specific topics and answers to your important data questions  
  • Predefined and bespoke options available

What datasets are available on Snowflake Marketplace?

Zeki's datasets are enriched with insights and conclusions. Using cutting-edge machine learning and data science techniques, we concentrate on identifying companies that have emerging talent with high-level skills, primarily in the early stages of their careers. This targeted approach offers investors a unique, deeper understanding of a company's intrinsic value through the lens of its human capital's quality.

AI Talent Flow in US

AI Talent Flows within the US broken down by sectors: Finance, Technology and Health.

AI Talent Flow in Europe/UK

AI Talent Flows within Europe broken down by sectors: Finance, Technology and Health.

AI Talent Flow within companies

AI Talent Flows within companies broken down by sectors: Finance, Technology and Health.

What signals are in Zeki’s data?

Company Profitability and AI Talent Competition

Identify the frontrunners in the race for AI talent and understand the impact this pivotal factor has on their future market valuation. Our analysis provides businesses with a lucid perspective on how attracting top AI talent correlates with competitive positioning and, ultimately, influences profitability.

Strategic Talent Acquisition Trends

While the narrative around AI talent often highlights the Big Five US tech giants, our research uncovers a broader spectrum of the AI talent landscape. With notable talent flows into the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, and the Nordic countries, and outflows from India, Spain, Italy, and Israel, our findings offer a panoramic view of global talent dynamics, guiding strategic investment opportunities.

Understanding Talent Dynamics

The battle for AI talent extends beyond individual teams, reshaping industry standards and expectations. Our unique datasets provide a macroscopic view of where elite talent clusters, their origins, and the resulting shifts across sectors pivoting towards AI-driven operations, offering pivotal insights for investors navigating where top AI talent lies to invest in.

Scientific Talent Intent and Motivation

Gain exclusive access to the motivations and career trajectories of AI and computer science professionals through Zeki's analysis. From leadership roles and visibility at premier events to research contributions, this data paints a comprehensive picture of an organisation’s human capital and informed insights for companies aiming to excel in an increasingly AI-centric marketplace.

Signals into Global AI Talent Dynamics

Unlock signals into the global landscape of AI talent, tracking the movement, behaviour, and evolution of over 700,000 leading AI scientists and engineers across 94 countries. Our expansive data spans 2,296 universities and exceeds 50,000 companies and organisations worldwide, offering investors and organisations a strategic lens through which they can craft responsive strategies to maintain a competitive edge in the equity market.

Zeki Data Cloud

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Through our authoritative, accessible insights, we aim to set a new standard in how investors perceive and leverage talent-related data to their strategic advantage.


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