Women are Reshaping the AI Talent Landscape  New Research Shows Exponential Global Growth

Women are Reshaping the AI Talent Landscape New Research Shows Exponential Global Growth

Zeki Research finds Women prioritize excellence in research, science, and engineering throughout their careers and express greater interest in making AI safe for society through their professional work.

Zeki’s AI dataset is the only of its kind in the world--- including more than 133,000 individuals and over 2 million unique data points. In this Women in AI 2024 report, Zeki has ranked and scored 33,000+ women from 109 countries educated or working at over 4,300 universities or employed by over 42,000 companies or organisations globally.

These precise, data-led insights focus on where and how to find, attract, and retain top women in AI. Top findings in the free report include:

  • Quick Exit - Women work in large companies but leave quickly. Over 60% of new employees leave the Big Five (Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta, and Microsoft) in the first 2 years.
  • Advancement Gap - Women receive 30% less visibility and recognition as their careers progress compared to peers, representing a critical loss of potential within the AI field.
  • Hiring Champions - Companies that hire women at rates above the industry average (22%) include Intuit (41%), ETS AI Labs (38%), Bayer (34%) among others.
  • University Attraction - US universities are training increasing numbers of top women in AI, yet women only represent roughly 22% of scientists and engineers in major US university AI labs.
  • Choosing Small - Top women in AI find continuity and more female peers at smaller companies and are increasingly choosing to work in smaller groups on issues of importance to them.
  • Sector Attraction - The health and consultancy sectors, including companies like MD Anderson Cancer Center, Roche, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Boston Consulting Group are outpacing others to attract top female talent with triple digit growth in the past 10 years.

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For expanded insights, see Zeki’s flagship report, the State of AI Talent 2024, for actionable intelligence on the countries, companies, universities, and sectors winning and losing in the race for top AI talent. This intelligence provides organizations with a first mover advantage to identify investment opportunities, accelerate innovation, and acquire premier talent.

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