Takeaways from the Siemens AI with Purpose Summit

Takeaways from the Siemens AI with Purpose Summit

It was a great pleasure to deliver the keynote presentation at the Siemens AI with Purpose Summit, where I discussed the state of AI talent in Europe. The Summit centred around the diverse applications of AI currently in production in Germany, particularly focusing on Industrial AI, which aims to enhance industrial processes using AI.

Siemens fittingly concluded the event with a presentation highlighting the brilliant individuals across European companies who combine data and technology with the most magical of human skills—innovation. Here are my key insights and takeaways from the summit:

Northern Europe's Leading Position

Contrary to much anxiety in the media, Northern European countries are attracting and retaining top global AI talent and are not falling behind in this race. See the visual below showing yearly net flows of talent into Germany, the UK, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Nordic countries.

Net flows: Germany, UK, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Nordic countries

National Champions  

One reason for this success is the rise of national champions in these countries, which attract top AI talent globally and anchor it at home. Germany’s major industrial companies, such as Siemens, Bosch, Bayer, BMW, and SAP, play a significant role here.

Top recruiters of AI talent in Germany

A tree map of top recruiters of AI talent in Germany including Siemens Healthineers, Siemens, Bosch and Bayer

Industrial AI Focus

Industrial AI was a key topic of conversation at the Summit. Discussions revolved around finding more data, sharing data, cracking time series data, and scaling efforts. Companies like Bosch and Siemens have no problem attracting top AI talent compared to their global competitors. For more insights, tune into Robert Weber's “The Industrial AI Podcast - Latest AI & Machine Learning Updates”.  

Industrial AI: Europe leads

Innovative Ecosystem  

Europe boasts a robust ecosystem of small and medium-sized companies driving significant innovation. Notable mentions include Silo AI, Infineon Technologies, and Hesling AI, which are attracting outstanding talent. Another highlight was the presentation by NXAI European AI Hub: Leading Research for AI Technologies and Solutions (nx-ai.com).

Europe has a highly diverse AI ecosystem of companies

Number of medium and small companies by country which have attracted top AI talent

Empowering Women Leaders in AI

The most attended session at the Summit focused on empowering the next generation of women leaders in AI—a cause close to Zeki Data’s mission as a female-led company. Please download our free report on Women in AI 2024 Report here.

The Siemens AI with Purpose Summit continues to grow stronger each year. Moving forward, I believe they should add a program strand celebrating and highlighting the incredible talent working in AI across Europe and exploring the profound sense of purpose they bring to their work.

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